Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Post 29

The Freedom of  RE-Covering

My mother was such a can-do person.  It seemed like she was always busy doing  projects along with the ever-present routine chores.  Her old treadle sewing machine was rarely idle; and drawers throughout the house were steadily kept in order.  Even our kitchen junk drawer’s miscellany was noticeably organized.

Especially fascinating was the manner in which she tackled reupholstering jobs.  Each step was methodically ordered; and a lovely new piece of furniture would magically appear when she was finished.  We had a Victorian horsehair, threadbare loveseat that was transformed into a luxurious olive colored settee, later to be recovered, again, with fabric that appeared as fine needlepoint.  Once more, we had a gorgeous addition to our living room! 

As I recall Mom’s orderly progress in recovering furniture, I am reminded of the Twelve Step Programs utilized by many who are working their way toward freedom from addiction.  Each Step – when thoroughly experienced – moves the person forward toward recovery.  The old binding cover of addictive behaviors is removed – piece by piece – and replaced with a fresh covering of healthy perspectives. 

For this freedom month’s Blog, here is a list of “Freedoms” adapted from the basic Twelve Steps.  As you read each Freedom, below, notice the progression of unbinding that can take place.  May these Freedoms attained bring you and your loved ones
RE-mission from harmful ways, RE-newal of life as it is truly meant to be, and
RE-connection with each other!

Freedoms of RE-Covery:

1.      Freedom from a power that can kill me
2.      Freedom to realize that there is, also, a power that wants me to live
3.      Freedom to  turn to the power that wants me to live
4.      Freedom to look realistically at myself
5.      Freedom to break the binding of secrecy and share with a trusted person a realistic assessment of myself
6.      Freedom to be in readiness to tackle – and go about removing – my “defects of character”
7.      Freedom to ask God to remove my shortcomings
8.      Freedom to get past denial and make a list of everyone to whom I have brought harm and to have the courage to be willing to make amends
9.      Freedom to fix what I can with regard to the harms I have committed
10.  Freedom to be steadily honest with myself so that I can continue to break free (and stay free) from behaviors that could limit my recovery
11.  Freedom for me to live and grow within God’s will through my personal prayers and meditations
12.   Freedom to help others by sharing the message of hope and recovery

May each of you experience new and healthy freedoms that recovery can bring during this freedom-month of July!

For more information on the 12 Steps of Recovery, go to www.gamblersanonymous.org  and www.gamanon.org

To learn more about problem gambling and recovery issues, visit www.grmumc.org


Rev. Janet Jacobs
Director, Gambling Recovery Ministries