Thursday, May 3, 2012

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GRM Blog Quarterly Worksheets

Worksheet #1:  Accountability 

An interesting discussion, at a recent accountability group, ensued following the question, Are we fulfilling the needs of this group?  Essentially, the question was geared at meeting the needs of new persons coming into the group.  As we addressed this question, the focus inevitably turned to each individual and his/her own reasons for keeping steady with attendance.  Why did they keep coming back?  How did the group members help each other in keeping their recovery goals?  In what ways were they accountable to each other?

So often,  persons tell me how they are reluctant to join accountability groups.  Many times, it's not about being accountable to someone else; rather the opinion expressed is a general dislike for being accountable - period!  

Indeed, over the years, I have gone through goal-setting periods wherein various measures of self improvement are attained - or at least, worked toward.  Yes, I can attest that accountability (either to just myself or to others) does seem to provide more success than disappointment.  And yes, I don't always like having to be accountable.  Still, the framework of accountability can be significantly helpful when working toward a special goal.

FIRST and FOREMOST, I have learned that being accountable works best when the individual is self-motivated AND initiates the accountability process in order to set a goal - in other words, it is his/her own plan!  

Below is our first of a series of Blog Worksheets - new to our GRM Blog.  This addresses ACCOUNTABILITY and it serves as a basic starting point.  The items may seem almost too simple - but again - it places the individual at the very beginning of goal setting ... and toward the subsequent acts of being accountable, whether to oneself only or to others.  

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Rev. Janet Jacobs
Director, Gambling Recovery Ministries

Accountability Worksheet 

Individual Checklist:   

·         To whom am I accountable:  

          myself only;  

          another person;
      a group organized for accountability;   

      several persons not organized for accountability

·         Within what time frame am I accountable?  once/day;         once/week; once/month; other

·         What individual goals have I set?

·   What methods am I using to keep track of my                        progress/relapses?

·     How am I rewarding myself for the progress I am 

·   How am I encouraging myself when a relapse occurs or progress seems to be flat-lining?

.  What emergency plans do I have if a relapse is seriously
    threatening?   ______________________________________________________________________________

·     On the back side of this page, list words/expressions/quotations/passages of scripture (and/or sacred writings) of encouragement to coach you through your recovery work.  Continue to add more as you come across helpful thoughts/advice.