Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Greetings and welcome to the initial Post of Gambling Recovery Ministries’ Blog! As Director – and founder – of Gambling Recovery Ministries (otherwise known as GRM), I will be writing posts on a variety of topics about compulsive gambling. Included will be stories of GRM’s beginnings, how we ever got started, and lessons learned.

With total respect for anonymity, I will share insights gained from meeting and becoming friends with persons in recovery. And you’ll find bite-sized bits of research learned at professional conferences on problem gambling too. Also, I’ll keep you posted on GRM’s latest steps in outreach to problem gamblers and their loved ones.

At Gambling Recovery Ministries’ onset, I knew very little about compulsive gambling – and even less about treatment resources and recovery issues. That was 2001. Much has been learned in eight years!

A high priority was – and continues to be – learning, learning, learning about gambling addiction. Completing Indiana’s 60 hour State training on compulsive gambling treatment issues and attending numerous conferences, lead me on the training/teaching path. In recent years, GRM has presented continuing education workshops on local, State, regional, national and international levels for mental health professionals and clergy. We have even put on three training conferences!

Most importantly, GRM works with individuals seeking recovery. We provide referral information and – what I call - supportive consultation. In fact, this help extends to both the gambler and his/her loved ones. Our aim is to give information about problem gambling and point the way to treatment and support groups. People literally leave the GRM Office and Resource Center with bags full of literature!

GRM provides spiritual support, as well. The word Ministries in GRM means just that. We are open to persons of all faiths – and to those who are not faith-based. We provide prayer, when requested; and there have been wondrous answers to prayers said. Then too, there is free-range discussion on faith issues relating to addiction. Among the recovery materials are faith-based helps, also.

As we take this new step of blogging, I invite you to travel with us too. Ask questions, post comments, share information! Post 2 will explain GRM’s logo, as viewed in this Blog. There is a story behind this – definitely. Look carefully: perhaps, you will be able to figure out part of the story already!


Rev. Janet Jacobs
Director, Gambling Recovery Ministries
Indiana Conference Advance Special
The United Methodist Church